IYDU “Mini” Council Meeting 2020

Dear all,

Considering the situation that we are facing today with the pandemic and the limited possibility of travelling,

Considering the decision made in our last IYDU Board call to secure a valid Board for our institution starting 2021,

Considering the rules contained in IYDU Constitution,

Considering that the IDU Secretary General needs to be present in every IYDU Council Meeting,

Considering that the IDU headquarters are located today in Munich, Germany,

We are moving forward with the plan detailed in the text below, where we explain every step of how IYDU will be able to host a “mini” Council Meeting in Munich on December 21, legitimising Office Bearers and creating the possibility of a virtual council in 2021.

The text explains the situation as deep as we can in order to be very transparent and keep the legitimacy of the process.

I thank you all very much for the support and I can only say that this extraordinary times are making us take extraordinary measures.

But at the same time we are doing it totally respecting our Constitution and I can assure you that, with the e-voting amendment ratified by our membership, we’ll be able to decide on a actual, virtual or mixed council meeting before the end of the next year, giving everyone the fair opportunity to vote and get elected to the Board if desired.

Please feel free to ask any questions if the details below don’t explain the steps enough.

And please let us know if you would like to be one of the few people to attend the meeting personally, although we discourage people that live far from Munich to do so because of local and national regulations and limit of 5 people in the meeting.

Keep safe!

Yours in freedom,

Bruno Kazuhiro
IYDU Chairman

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