Results of the Nominations for the 2021 IYDU Board

The nomination deadline for the Office Bearers of the International Young Democrat Union for the next mandate period has lapsed and the Returning Officer has reviewed the nominations in accordance with the IYDU Constitution.

According to the IYDU Constitution, the Office Bearers shall consist of Chairman, Deputy Chairman, ten Vice-Chairmen, Treasurer and Secretary General. The Secretary General shall be elected on the nomination of the Chairman. For all the other positions, at least the nomination of the own organistion of the nominee and another full member of IYDU shall be required for the nomination to be considered valid.

The Returning Officer received the following nominations that were considered to be valid. For all the nominations, both valid and invalid, please see the spreadsheet on the bottom of this page.


Michael Dust, Germany – JU, 40 nominations
Javier Hurtado Mira, Spain – NNGG, 20 nominations


Dorcas Francis, Tanzania – BAVICHA, 46 nominations
Patricia de Guzman, Ecuador – JL6, 8 nominations


Syrila Makarezou, Greece – ONNED, has been endorsed by Michael Dust, who received 40 nominations for Chairman.
Nick Francis, St. Vincent & the Grenadines – NDP, has been endorsed by Javier Hurtado Mira, who received 20 nominations for Chairman.


Josh Manuatu, Australia – YL, 36 nominations
Lukhani Batise Rogol, United Kingdom – EYC, 20 nominations


Martin Tomas Cesar, Argentina – JPRO, 39 nominations
Marwa El Ansari, Morocco – ISTIQLAL, 38 nominations
Thomas Belligh, Belgium – JCD&V, 38 nominations
Fredrik Hultman, Sweden – MUF, 38 nominations
Elie Obeid, Lebanon – LFSA, 37 nominations
Nicola Richards, United Kingdom – Young Conservatives, 35 nominations
Isabella Tymviou, Cyprus – NEDISY, 35 nominations
Virgilio Falco, Italy – EDS, 20 nominations
Lilit Beglaryan, Armenia – YRPA, 20 nominations
Hikmat Jung Karki, Nepal – NDYO, 19 nominations

Nana Asafo Adjei Ayeh, Ghana – NPP, 19 nominations
Rick Loughery, USA – YRNF, 19 nominations
Sourabh Choudhary, India – BJYM, 18 nominations
Kendron Christopher, Jamaica – YJ (JLP),15 nominations
Glen De Waele, Belgium – JN-VA, 12 nominations
Eva Dohalova, Austria – JÖVP, 7 nominations
Heidi Hanhela, Finland – YNCP, 7 nominations
Eduardo Lacayo, El Salvador – ARENA, 6 nominations
Jose Monteiro Limão, Portugal – JP, 3 nominations
Javier Molina, Chile – RN, 3 nominations

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