2023 Board Elected

IYDU Council 2023! 🌐

As we reach the conclusion of our 2023 Council Meeting, we are extremely happy and proud to see the growth of our organization and its capacity to gather dozens of youth institutions around the world in the name of preserving democracy and spreading liberty ideals around different continents.

Attended by many young leaders, the 2023 Council was a success and elected the new IYDU Board that took head of our global organization, headed by Michael Dust (Germany).

We’d like to thank the hospitality from Morocco and our regional member organization Istiqlal Party for hosting our Council Meeting!

The composition of the elected Board as it follows:


Michael Dust (Germany)

Secretary General

Eva Dohalova (Austria)

Deputy Chairman

Nick Francis (St. Vincent and Grenadines)


Sourabh Choudhary (India)

Vice Chair

Rick Loughery (United States)

Vice Chair

Lilit Beglaryan (Armenia)

Vice Chair

Roberto Pellizzaro (Italy)

Vice Chair

Hikmat Karki (Nepal)

Vice Chair

Nicola Richards (United Kingdom)

Vice Chair

Maria Miala (Finland)

Vice Chair

Marwa El Ansari (Morocco)

Vice Chair

Judita Emic (Croatia)

Vice Chair

Nana Asafo Adje Ayeh (Ghana)

Vice Chair

Frank Alley (Honduras)

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