4 Weeks For 4 Decades – Elmar Brock

Following the organization of our event “4 Weeks For 4 Decades”, we confirm our first speaker! Mr. Elmar Brok, the first chairman of the IYDU and a long-time Member of European Parliament, will share his experience gathered in different positions within national and international politics and public sector.

IYDU Statement Regarding the Demolition of the National Theatre in Tirana, Albania

Amidst the demolition of the Albanian National Theatre, the International Young Democrat Union expresses its condemnation towards such action taken by Prime Minister Edi Rama. Edi Rama has violated basic principles of cultural heritage conservation, dialogue and democratic respect towards the history of Albania with this authoritarian move. The socialist government in power commits aContinue reading “IYDU Statement Regarding the Demolition of the National Theatre in Tirana, Albania”

IYDU condemns the attempted coup in El Salvador

After recent events in El Salvador, the IYDU condemns any attempted coup in El Salvador at the expense of weakening opposition forces and the judiciary branch. We share our solidarity with democratic forces and the full restoration of order in the country.

IYDU expresses its concerns about the recent developments in Turkey

The International Young Democrat Union is deeply concerned with the recent developments in Turkey. President Erdogan decided to annul Turkey’s ratification of the Istanbul Convention accord which was designed to prevent and combat violence against women and domestic violence. The IYDU campaigns for equal human rights for everyone, especially at a time where violence againstContinue reading “IYDU expresses its concerns about the recent developments in Turkey”


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