International Young Democrat Union

The International Young Democrat Union (IYDU) is a global alliance of centre-right political youth organisations united by a common desire for greater freedom and less government.

First established in 1981, two years before its parent organisation the International Democrat Union (IDU), then re-established in 1991, the IYDU has grow from 14 members to nine regional and 78 national member organisations.

Our membership is diverse. We come from a rich array of histories, cultures and political traditions, but we are united by a shared commitment to freedom, and to fighting socialism. Some of us come from established democracies with deep-rooted beliefs in individual freedom and liberty; some have experienced first-hand the destructive evil of communism; others are still fighting for basic freedoms.

Throughout the year the IYDU hosts a number of events around the world. Current and future leaders network, discuss ideology, share ideas and build friendships. Our events include a Freedom Forum in the middle of the year, a Study Trip, and a Council Meeting held towards the end/start of the calendar year.

Becoming involved in IYDU demonstrates a commitment:  to a better world, created through genuine democratic process. Participants at our conferences have progressed to become cabinet ministers, members of parliament, senior advisers and leaders within their respective industries in public and private sectors.


2023 Board Elected

IYDU Council 2023! 🌐 As we reach the conclusion of our 2023 Council Meeting, we are extremely happy and proud to see the growth of our organization and its capacity to gather dozens of youth institutions around the world in the name of preserving democracy and spreading liberty ideals around different continents. Attended by many…

Michael Dust elected new Chairman of IYDU

Michael Dust, JU – Germany, has been elected new Chairman of IYDU by the IYDU Council meeting held in Munich on the 14th of August. A German national, Mr Dust is a lawyer by profession and has previously served as the Secretary General of IYDU. “I look forward to working together with the new board…

Results of the Nominations for the 2021 IYDU Board

The nomination deadline for the Office Bearers of the International Young Democrat Union for the next mandate period has lapsed and the Returning Officer has reviewed the nominations in accordance with the IYDU Constitution. According to the IYDU Constitution, the Office Bearers shall consist of Chairman, Deputy Chairman, ten Vice-Chairmen, Treasurer and Secretary General. The…

4 Weeks For 4 Decades – Elmar Brock

Following the organization of our event “4 Weeks For 4 Decades”, we confirm our first speaker! Mr. Elmar Brok, the first chairman of the IYDU and a long-time Member of European Parliament, will share his experience gathered in different positions within national and international politics and public sector.

IYDU Statement Regarding the Demolition of the National Theatre in Tirana, Albania

Amidst the demolition of the Albanian National Theatre, the International Young Democrat Union expresses its condemnation towards such action taken by Prime Minister Edi Rama. Edi Rama has violated basic principles of cultural heritage conservation, dialogue and democratic respect towards the history of Albania with this authoritarian move. The socialist government in power commits a…

IYDU condemns the attempted coup in El Salvador

After recent events in El Salvador, the IYDU condemns any attempted coup in El Salvador at the expense of weakening opposition forces and the judiciary branch. We share our solidarity with democratic forces and the full restoration of order in the country.

IYDU expresses its concerns about the recent developments in Turkey

The International Young Democrat Union is deeply concerned with the recent developments in Turkey. President Erdogan decided to annul Turkey’s ratification of the Istanbul Convention accord which was designed to prevent and combat violence against women and domestic violence. The IYDU campaigns for equal human rights for everyone, especially at a time where violence against…

IYDU Statement on the Myanmar coup

The IYDU recognises the inalienable right of every person around the world to be free and to decide on their own governments, and supports a stable and democratic Myanmar. Since February 1st, the country’s military has seized power after detaining Aung San Suu Kyi and other democratically elected leaders. Thousands of people from all sections…

IYDU expresses condolences to Croatia

Yesterday, central Croatia was hit by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake causing many injuries and destruction in the country – mainly around the city of Petrinja, located near the capital Zagreb. This is the second earthquake occurance in the region recently. The IYDU expresses condolences to the families of victims and shares its solidarity with the…

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